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  Re: Povray crashes  
From: Thorsten Froehlich
Date: 25 Sep 2006 18:09:29
Message: <45185399@news.povray.org>
Allan wrote:
> Like I said in my previous post: if the POV-Ray team would like some help
> with porting POV-Ray to the Intel Mac then let me know.  Every app I've
> ever written for PPC Macs have ported easily over to Intel.

Porting is not the problem: A quick and dirty port of almost anything is
mostly trivial indeed, assuming it already works with a poor compiler like
gcc and its even worse C and C++ libraries in the first place. However, a
proper port for POV-Ray means adding back what currently makes it fast, like
the just-in-time compiler for functions. Neither is done "easily", and I
have to seriously doubt your experience if you claim about yourself "Every
app I've ever written for PPC Macs have ported easily over to Intel."
because every application I ever had to port anywhere did not work out of
the box for many, many, many different reasons. Of course, you are welcome
to show me wrong, the source code of the Mac version is, as you probably
know, available for download...


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