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  Re: Povray crashes  
From: Thorsten Froehlich
Date: 13 Sep 2006 12:40:14
Message: <4508346e$1@news.povray.org>
Allan wrote:
> I just tried POV-Ray 3.6 on an Intel iMac and I get the same crash.  (It
> works great on the "old" G5.)  A look at the crash log shows that the crash
> happens in LaunchCFMApp.  It would appear that POV-Ray 3.6 is not yet ready
> for the Intel Macs?  It should run on the Intels under Rosetta but maybe
> the old Mac CFM (Code Fragment Manager, kind of like DLL's in Windows)
> doesn't work under Rosetta?
No, the problem are the countless bugs in Apple's software emulator. If the
PowerPC emulator is crashing, that is *Apple's* problem, not POV-Ray's.
Report problems with crashes to Apple. POV-Ray is a perfectly working and
cleanly written PowerPC application, and it does run on every real PowerPC
processor. On the other hand, the emulator Apple supplies is known to have
problems, and they won't get fixed unless Apple is told they exist.

Report it to Apple, or nothing will change. Unlike with the much better
planned 68K to PowerPC transition, Apple has neglected to develop a working
debugger for the PowerPC emulation environment called "Rosetta" and instead
rushed out unstable systems to end users. Even today there is no reasonable
way to debug within Rosetta, except using a barely working hack documented
by Apple to use an unreliable low-level command-line-based debugger with
plenty of restrictions.

BTW, effectively the poor development environments available, and the rushed
transition is also the reason why major software vendors (i.e. Adobe) have
been unable to deliver native software yet. There is just no way to properly
develop and test on the x86 PCs sold by Apple yet.

As for POV-Ray, do not expect a native version earlier than 2008 or as part
of POV-Ray 4.0, whichever comes first. In the meantime, you can always
compile and run the Unix version natively on Mac OS X.

	Thorsten, POV-Team

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