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  Re: megaPov #include files can't be found  
From: Yvo Smellenbergh
Date: 4 Mar 2009 10:17:38
Message: <1iw2a0w.etg15y6hvycoN%yvo.s@cancel_This_gmx.net>
"phendric" <nomail@nomail> wrote:

> my file hierarchy is as follows:
> my scene is: MegaPOV_C_UB/scenes/demo.pov
> and in the Megapov GUI under 'set search paths for additional include files' I
> have: MegaPOV_C_UB/Insert Menu/20-Include files   which is where colors.inc is
> located (or I guess it's actually colors.inc.txt)

You selected the wrong include folder.
Just go to "MegaPOV" >> "Preferences.."
Now select the "System Includes" tab.
Press the 'Add' button and select the 'include' folder from the official
POV-Ray release.
Press 'Apply' or 'Ok' and now you will be able to run the standard
If you also want to render  some of the MegaPOV specific scenes, also
add the 'include' file that comes with the MegaPOV archive.
You can also set some include files in 'set search paths for additional
include files' like you did but the 'Insert menu' is not an include
You can select this folder in:
"MegaPOV" >> "Preferences.."
Now select the "Editor"  tab and add the folder by pressing the "Insert
Folder" button at the bottom of the panel.
When you do this and you have an editor window on top, you can go to the
"Templates" menu and at the bottom you will find the insert menu now. 

I hope you will succeed now.


MegaPOV at:  http://megapov.inetart.net
MacMegaPOV at:  http://users.skynet.be/smellenbergh
E-mail: yvo(DOT)s(AT)gmx.net

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