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  10best.raytrace.com: a project to benefit this server. (Message 1 to 1 of 1)  
From: Greg M  Johnson
Subject: 10best.raytrace.com: a project to benefit this server.
Date: 2 Nov 2001 13:52:15
Message: <3BE2EAE3.E240020@aol.com>
To date, we have had about 115 people say they are
interested in the 10best.raytrace.com project, but
  ~180 images uploaded to 10best collection,
  ~8 to contest,
  ~1 tutorial.

We would really like to wrap up this project. We
originally posted an October 31st deadline, but are
extending the deadline for 1 month. It became apparent
that many folks were not aware of the deadline. So
let's get those entries in as soon as possible, at
least for fairness to those who have already uploaded.
Thanks to those who have already uploaded and feel
free to add addtional works if you feel that some of
your other work has become stale.

To learn more about the project, go to

Also note that the "experience" question will be
handled by a separate email survey at the end of the
upload period.  I asked for a change to the upload
software without throroughly following through on all
of the subsequent questions. Please note that "style"
and "theme" questions are "mandatory."

If you have questions, please raise them in the forum
at news.povray.org, povray.general, so as to maximize
the number of folks who benefit from your question

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