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  Re: [br] Bandeira - TEA  
From: Ruy
Date: 28 Oct 2001 05:40:56
Message: <3bdbe0b8@news.povray.org>
You are right, it is an experiment with the Brazilian Flag. I apologize for
writing that message only in Portuguese. The pictures might talk by
themselves, but the text sure doesn't. I liked your idea of writing in
English and in French, and I'll adopt this bilingual approach when posting
to this binaries group with [int][pt] or [int][br] at the beginning so
everybody can understand it.

Now that you mention it, yes, it does resemble an eye, doesn't it? I guess
that the blue disk, which would be something along the lines of the
parametric equivalent of a paraboloid with a sine function to disturb it's
surface, looks like an iris. The only way I found to prevent that was to
place the camera directly above the flag, get it really far apart and use a
very small angle. The drawback is that it kind of ceases to appear a 3D
object. Since my purpose is to deal with 3D, I didn't see the point of that.

Thanks for the comment.


de forma que todos possam entender.


"Ferdinand" <fer### [at] noosfr> escreveu na mensagem
> I understood it's experiment in the Brazil flag. Is it right ?
> It's funny, it's look like an eye.

> Bresil. Est ce exacte ?

> A+
> Ferdinand

> 3bdb28c5@news.povray.org...




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> > (tirado quase que direto de um tutorial...).
> >

> em
> > alguma coisa mais elaborada.
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