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From: GioSeregni
Subject: CAD colors to PovRay
Date: 2 Dec 2023 19:25:00
Message: <web.656bca29f1166e49276109cb59126100@news.povray.org>
Hi all,
I use twuo parser working on my CAD
First, running at run time (Autolisp extension) creates triangle (two or one) by
AutoCAD 3DFACE(s) (4 sides or 3 sides).
Second, (exe) DXF to PovRay, in same way by 3DFACE(s).

I have been using a fairly efficient system for transmitting colors for years.
I use layer names in CAD.
In this way.
Example for white
If necessary I use transmit for transparency, then the "uman" layername (ignored
in the parser).

this is the code in the povray files:

full red example
 pigment {color rgb hex2rgb("HEXFF0000")}

#macro h2d(HexVal)
#macro hex2rgb(hxStr)
#macro hex2rgbT(hxStr)


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