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From: Jörg "Yadgar" Bleimann
Subject: Khyberspace!!!
Date: 30 Jun 2022 05:33:33
Message: <62bd6ded$1@news.povray.org>

And I just day-dreamed about the 80-storey office tower of the Spinzar 
Semiconductor Corporation (containing, of course, also the Organ Palace 
Kabul!) in the "Afghatopia 2050" mode of Khyberspace, entered "Spinzar 
Tower" into the Google search line, just hoping for a little ego-surfing 
(I phantasized elsewhere also about Spinzar Semiconductors Inc.)... but 
this is what I found: 

Okay, it's just simple boxes dressed with Google Streetview-like photo 
textures hardly suitable for closer views than aerial, but... just the 
notion that there are fact people who devote themselves to Virtual 
Afghanistan outside the commercial game industry (which perceives 
Afghanistan still as nothing else than a setting for first-person war 
shooters...) is astounding!

And there NEEDS to be Khyberspace detailed and plastic enough also for 
the "pedestrian view"!

See you there!


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