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From: Wolfram Diestel
Subject: arbaro 0.4 - tree generation tool
Date: 4 Sep 2003 16:17:06
Message: <3f579dc1@news.povray.org>
Now there is a new version of the tree generation tool
"arbaro" on the sourceforge server:

I fixed several bugs (leaf output and BaseSplits
should work now correctly) and added pruning
and helical stem curving.

Thus most of the features of the Weber/Penn paper 
but Lobes are supported.
Next step will be:

- add mesh output (to get Lobes working, this 
    isn't possible with cones and spheres only)
- later: add blob output for the trunk - this would make
    Lobes working too, and one could easily add bumps
    and such things to the trunk
- porting to C++ to fix the memory/time problem for
  very complex trees

I added some tree definitions, e.g. palm, fan palm and
a bush. You can see them in an rendered image here:

Thanks for trying and any comments.

Wolfram Diestel <wol### [at] stelojdeFORIGU>

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