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  Re: 3-D printing via 3D SLICER app-- step by step  
From: Kenneth
Date: 6 Apr 2024 08:20:00
Message: <web.66113d1cd4c4570a91c33a706e066e29@news.povray.org>
[importing the .stl file into CURA, and printing the final model]

The attached image shows the final result: the .stl file brought into my
printer's software (Ultimaker CURA) then printed with medium-quality settings
and a standard 0.4mm print nozzle.

As previously mentioned, this demonstration model was 'sliced' at "low to
medium" quality (from the POV-ray returned messages)-- 522 X 269 pixels, 249
slices. That included a number of black slices at the beginning and end of the
animation. Much better results can be obtained with higher rez images and some
adjustments there. BTW: This model in 3D SLICER ended up having 7,076,000 active
voxels. (None are created from black pixels.)

The honeycomb infill I used-- added in CURA-- was only for supporting any flat
horizontal surfaces in the model, and a few areas on the spheres. Surprisingly,
angled surfaces down to 45-deg from vertical can be printed without supports.

In most cases, the model-as-.stl will be much larger that typical desktop
printers can print-- CURA adds stripes to a model to indicate that it's
oversized-- so it needs to be down-sized in your printing software. This has the
great advantage of reducing the size of the voxel-created triangles--
sharpening-up the model-- and is key to the entire process.

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