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  Re: 3-D printing via 3D SLICER app-- step by step  
From: Kenneth
Date: 6 Apr 2024 07:40:00
Message: <web.6611340dd4c4570a91c33a706e066e29@news.povray.org>
3D SLICER automatically starts up in its 'Welcome to Slicer' view; the attached
image is the start-up screen, with my annotations (as it appears in Windows 10.)
It's a large app, so give it time to load. You should see four blank view-panes
to the right.  If not, go to the top row of icons and choose the 'Four-up'
working view from a pull-down menu.

The large 'Add Data' button on this opening page will be used to import your
previously-rendered image slices.

Only THREE of the app's core 'modules' will need to be used for the entire
process, and in a simple way:
    'Welcome to Slicer' (the first module)
    'Volumes' (which is optional)
    'Segment Editor'

(The 'Welcome to Slicer' icon at the top has a menu; we will use that later to
choose the other modules.)

In this screenshot and those to follow, only the details with my annotations are
important; the rest of the app's features can be ignored.

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Download '3d slicer startup view.jpg' (215 KB)

Preview of image '3d slicer startup view.jpg'
3d slicer startup view.jpg


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