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  Re: Is the mesh camera releasing its mesh RAM?  
From: Kenneth
Date: 15 May 2023 03:10:00
Message: <web.6461d9e18a5158cb9b4924336e066e29@news.povray.org>
Chris Cason <del### [at] deletethistoopovrayorg> wrote:
> On 15/05/2023 03:10, Kenneth wrote:
> > But if I start one of the demo files and then *stop* the process during
> > the parsing stage, the 'used memory' remains at a certain high value...

> > Just to be clear, the 'memory build-up' only occurs when I stop the render
> > prematurely during the parsing stage.

It just occurred to me that I probably used the wrong wording to describe what
I'm doing. What I meant was: aborting the render, not simply hitting the 'pause'
button. I apologize if that confused anyone.

> Instead of trying a different scene, I suggest you just change the mesh
> camera scene that you were testing to use a normal camera instead. Then
> do the same thing to interrupt the parsing and see if you still have a
> memory build-up (you will).

[Using the meshcam_persp_demo.pov file]
If you mean commenting-out only the code block that starts with...

           // create the camera with the generated or loaded mesh
               mesh_camera{ ...

....yes, the memory build-up continues to happen. As far as I understand the
complete code and includes, the camera mesh(es) are still being created in

Sorry if I'm confused about your suggestion(?)

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