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  Re: #ifdef using a string expression?  
From: Kenneth
Date: 25 Mar 2023 04:30:00
Message: <web.641eb06698df09c99b4924336e066e29@news.povray.org>
William F Pokorny <ano### [at] anonymousorg> wrote:
> On 3/23/23 15:02, Kenneth wrote:
> >
> > This old method [of 'View_POV-Include_Stack'] is certainly not an ideal
> > way to report the presence of a user's personal #includes.
> I'm unsure what to do for anything shipped. We'd need a custom
> configuration option or a new run time flag/option - neither of which is
> attractive.
> It's hard to get simple, clean, code wins. :-)

I was thinking the same thing: something built-in. HOW to do it-- and how
difficult it would be to code without introducing other problems-- are the
bigger questions, of course ;-)

I'm rather surprised that, in all the years of POV-ray's code development, some
kind of internal mechanism was not introduced to do this... because knowing
automatically which #includes are actually being used in a scene would be a
useful bit of info, IMO.

In the 'official' Windows versions, the GUI uses something called CODEMAX, as
far as I understand. Perhaps the lack of such an #includes feature is a
limitation of the POV-ray/CODEMAX interaction? I do remember Clipka and other
developers mentioning 'difficulties' or restrictions between the two.

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