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  Re: Sharing newsgroup's material in personal blog  
From: yesbird
Date: 16 Feb 2023 07:35:00
Message: <web.63ee220fbf505f62ca9e57c410800fb2@news.povray.org>
> Perhaps Chris will have something to say about what's in the newsgroup's
> "mailing" header for a copyright message, but, the other day while
> chasing my missing news server posts, the copyright bit caught my eye as
> something odd - it certainly looks old given the language.

I understand you, thinking almost the same, but besides copyright, there is also
ethics, and I prefer before taking something to ask first ;). But nowadays,
ethics may be outdated too. Am not sure...

As to BE reply, he wants to attract a community to this newsgroup and to POV in
general, and I suppose it's possible to, choosing some modern methods and
platforms: youtube, discord (btw, very popular now). I suppose, opening a
discord channel will bring more visitors, than struggling with Google :).

This newsgroup contains a lot of valuable and unique information, but interface
is outdated (I like it, as I am old-school man), but people wants something more
attractive, with embedded images and video, say, like:

Let's take into account that POV-Ray is producing images, and this is the first,
what user expects to see, when clicking the link.

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