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  Re: almost a paralellagram  
From: David Kraics
Date: 22 Jan 2023 06:20:00
Message: <web.63cd1bc936034bd81c1b6180a57e0@news.povray.org>
"David Kraics" <bar### [at] aolcom> wrote:
> Hi guys, I'm back with another puzzle. I create objects but placing a jpeg of
> the item on a prim and placing prims on the picture to match. In today's work I
> am placing prims in order to difference out a window. The two sides are angled,
> and match each other. The bottom is straight, but the top is at an angle. I use
> a shape called wedge, that I made a couple decades ago, and almost have the
> whole thing filled out. as below
> #declare wedge=    //common wedge shape with 45 degree angle. One unit in size.
> difference{
>  box{<0,0,-.5>,<1,1,.5>}
>  box{<0,-1,-1>,<2,2,1>
>   rotate<0,0,45>
>   translate<1,0,0>}
>  }
> union{
>  object{wedge scale<.05,.48,.01> translate<2.02,.12,0>}
>  object{wedge scale<.25,.05,.01> translate<1.77,.54,0>}
>  object{wedge
>   rotate<0,180,0>
>   rotate<180,0,0>
>   scale<.05,.48,.01> translate<1.77,.54,0>}
>  box{<1.77,.12,-.01>,<2.02,.54,.01>}
>  }
> this leaves an oddly shaped chunk in the top left corner that my mind can't fill
> in, at 6am in the morning. The side and top should meet, but the wedge won't
> work. Any ideas?

BTW, to help make it clearer, the locations of the four points is below.
1.72x .6y 0z
2.02x .54y 0z
1.77x .12y 0z
2.07x .12y 0z

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