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  Re: mesh camera for UV-mapping output  
From: And
Date: 19 Nov 2022 05:45:00
Message: <web.6378b2e7a8b89d33dd697a1baa81652d@news.povray.org>
Wow, you use Antialias_Threshold=0.015
such a small value.
At beginning, I think this value should take only one place next to decimal
point. 0.1 is its minimum, or zero, but zero will calculate every pixel, so not
very fine to me...
After one day, I found it can assign a more meticulous value, so I use 0.05.
I think it is good enough.
I don't know the habit of other people.
(I means when I render several types of pictures, not particularly to texture

Oh, ... I seldom use it after my learning and investigate the anti-alias.
Recursive method take many time to render is my opinion. Maybe I don't need such
meticulous sampling yet.

?? I don't know it.

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