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  mesh camera for UV-mapping output  
From: And
Date: 12 Nov 2022 04:10:00
Message: <web.636f61b78f6664eb8f2c9d9baa81652d@news.povray.org>
May I ask an important question?
When I using mesh_camera, (for texture baking), its coverage is not sufficient
at the edge(seams). Just like the document said:

If used for texture baking, the generated image may have visible seams when
applied back to the mesh, this can be mitigated. Also, depending on the way the
original UV map was set up, using AA may produce incorrect pixels on the outside
edge of the generated maps.


Has this problem been solved?

Here is the output image from UberPOV version

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Download 'uv_test_pov_scene ver6.png' (128 KB)

Preview of image 'uv_test_pov_scene ver6.png'
uv_test_pov_scene ver6.png


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