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  Convert 313 Cartesian Euler Angles to POV-Ray Coordinates  
From: LAP
Date: 9 Sep 2022 10:30:00
Message: <web.631b4c66349a0fb936d75ad24a1f89d@news.povray.org>
I am attempting to use POV-Ray for rigid-body dynamics.

I have software that produces rotation parameters as 313 Euler angles, psi,
theta, and phi, and the associated 313 rotation matrix.  All this is done in 3D
Euclidean (Cartesian) space.

The problem I face is converting these Euclidean 313 parameters to work in
POV-Ray coordinates.  In other words, I need to convert the Euclidean rotation
matrix to a POV-Ray matrix so that I can propery rotate objects (and their

Since the basic coordinate transform is <x,y,z> Euclidean to <-z, x, y> I have
tried to rearrange the components of the Euclidean 313 rotation matrix to
duplicate this transform but the results are not correct.

Given a rotation matrix in 3D Euclidean space:

| 00 01 02 |
| 10 11 12 |
| 20 21 22 |

What is the correct way of transforming this matrix so that it will rotate a
POV-Ray object in the same way?

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