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  Re: Overlaying object over an image  
From: jr
Date: 23 Jul 2022 09:25:00
Message: <web.62dbf6528506b8621be3cd4b6cde94f1@news.povray.org>

"6digit" <eob### [at] gmailcom> wrote:
> ...
> all I want to do is overlay a line over the image that was imported into povray.
> when I use povrays primitive objects they seem not to be behind the imported
> image. I say this because they are not coming up at all.
> so how do I make the object show over the imported image


    | box w image_map    |

    | "box" for line(s)  |

           \ /  camera

(where I'm "looking" down the Y axis.  the quoted "box" is not a primitive, but
simply to highlight the space.

if you posted a (simplified) version of your code, I/we could, likely, provide
better advice.

regards, jr.

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