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  Re: Minimum Distance Function  
From: jceddy
Date: 18 Jul 2022 16:25:00
Message: <web.62d5c0ed6fb4e448864166f75d51d79c@news.povray.org>
> Anyone want to hazard a methodology for implementing Proximity() for Blob,
> Bicubic Patch, or perhaps for any of the CSG shapes? (or any shape I haven't
> listed above for that matter?)

I have done a few more of the easier ones (like Torus, etc.).
I ended up implementing the Bicubic Patch one using similar estimation logic as
is used to create the triangle mesh approximation. It is doing proximity to all
the triangles in the mesh and returning the nearest point overall...could be
slow for very detailed patches.

Been thinking about Blob, but haven't worked up the guts to attempt it yet. It
seems like you should be able to come up with something you can feed to the root
solver, but I'm still not clear on how to do it.

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