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15 Aug 2022 08:42:01 EDT (-0400)
  Re: Minimum Distance Function  
From: jr
Date: 13 Jul 2022 10:25:00
Message: <web.62ced4da6fb4e4481be3cd4b6cde94f1@news.povray.org>

"jceddy" <jce### [at] gmailcom> wrote:
> ...
> I can compare their kd-tree implementation to the one I have and try to figure
> out if I'm dealing with a bug there.
> Or rather if it helps me track down the but that is definitely there.
> For example, I have a test point:
> <-0.35977653631284895, 1.2000000000000000, -0.31591251373961082>

faces/triangles in GTS are made from edges, so, an extra "layer".  agree re bug
hunt, running your points through both implementations should provide useful

regards, jr.

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