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From: Mr
Date: 5 Feb 2022 09:45:00
Message: <web.61fe8c08f706e46534c7846e6830a892@news.povray.org>
David Buck <dav### [at] simberoncom> wrote:
> I've been chatting in the povray.images channel about some graphics I
> rendered in POV-Ray for a Kickstarter I'm running.  If you want to see
> more POV-Ray graphics and animation I rendered, or if you just want to
> see what I look like, here's a link to the Kickstarter:
> If you wish to fund the Kickstarter, that's great.  I'd appreciate it.
> If it's not your thing, perfect - I understand completely.  If you think
> others might be interested, I'd appreciate any shares or any help
> spreading the word.  If you'd like to just watch the video and poke fun
> at my video production skills, that's great too.
> Thanks,
> David (K.) Buck

These visual block based environments are an awesome introduction to creative
computer use, I got a kid strated on procucing things on his first computer
instead of just becoming yet another social network's customer a couple of years
POV-Ray does have this best first approach tool at its core, and since for kids,
typos are a killer, that's why I didn't get him as hooked to POV, if your tool
had existed back then, I would totally have hidden that kid the existence of
Roblox and Scratch to make sure we got one more future fellow POVer!  In your
project please do not forget mobile terminals and the fact that POV can be built
for them thanks to Termux (see wiki how to's)
I also suspect that your endeavour might have a strong impact on the way the
future POV4 language could get structured, because there is powerusers demand
for more efficient syntax, but it's very challenging to not make it stear pov
away from the human readability that it had miraculoously managed to keep (that
initially made some other languages such as, for instance, Python so

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