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  Optimizing lights in an old scene  
From: tutki
Date: 3 Feb 2022 15:10:00
Message: <web.61fc3571349921935c8e85ceb98f01db@news.povray.org>
I have an old povray scene that I'm trying to tidy up, and one of the things is
to optimize rendering times by reducing the number of light sources. Currently
there are 44 point lights, which I think it probably excessive. Most of them are
inside background objects (multistorey buildings in the background), and
probably could be gotten rid of?

What are some general guidelines on optimizing light sources in a povray scene?
Is there some trick I could use to retain approximately the same look but with
less light sources (or with better rendering performance)?  Does povray optimize
away faraway fading light? E.g., if a background building is far away then only
objects close to it would involve that light source, but other objects in the
scene would skip that light source?

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