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  Whatever happened to +rtr and .obj import?  
From: The Traveler
Date: 27 Sep 2021 09:15:00
Message: <web.6151c2e7397d1181dd31149be3dfee7c@news.povray.org>
Howdy folks, Yeah, I'm a bit behind the times with povray. But I see in the
latest 8.2 manual that Real Time Tracing (+rtr) is still mentioned. I tried
experimenting with +rtr in a few test files but got nothing more than a blank
render window.(Lubuntu Linux 20.04 64-bit running a self-compiled 3.8.0-Beta2

As for .obj import, I've read some posts where it was included, then dropped
(due to problems with the code base?) but nothing further. Any illumination on
it's future? Tools to convert other 3D file formats to mesh/mesh2 on Linux, such
as obj, are practically non-existent while .obj is well, rather ubiquitous.

Just curious. Thanks.

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