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  Re: return dictionary from macro [bug?]  
From: jr
Date: 19 Apr 2021 11:30:00
Message: <web.607da122d2107a6c79819d986cde94f1@news.povray.org>

William F Pokorny <ano### [at] anonymousorg> wrote:
> On 4/18/21 6:46 AM, jr wrote:
> > ...
> Yes, please post. ...


> ...
> (1) - The linked lists off each hash key get long. For 256 incremented,
> 'A' prefixed keys, table entries very clustered and with list depths of
> up to 15.

makes one wonder how people actually use dictionaries.  are more than, say, 15
or 20 keys common?  (personally, less than 10, always, I'd say)  maybe a
"survey" on new (to 3.8) features' uptake?

a couple of 'povr' questions.  when will you make the lowercase-able version
available?  would you consider a feature request for a "-windowid" command-line
option to supply an X window to 'povr'?

regards, jr.

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