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  Can we eliminate colour banding?  
From: Kima
Date: 18 Aug 2020 11:55:01
Message: <web.5f3bf8cf3da4de74ecc0fada0@news.povray.org>
I am struggling to find a way to visually eliminate colour banding. As I
understand, there are two methods, but both just reduce banding, and they are
still clearly visible.

Consider a simple scene of

camera {location <0,30,-12> look_at <0,0,0> angle 45  right 16/9*x up y}
light_source{<-5,5,-3> color rgb<1,1,1>*0.7  }
plane{<0,1,0>,0 pigment{color rgb<1,1,1>} }

1. bit-depth. Theoretically, the 16-bit colour should provide enough range to
eliminate colour banding. However, in my experience, this just makes the bands

Command: povray +Iin.pov +MB +A -D +V +W4000 +H3000 Bits_Per_Color=16 +Oout.png
Output: https://ibb.co/BP72rbS

2. Dithering. Merges the band edges but, they are still visible. I tried some of
the Dithering methods, but not much difference.

Command: Command: povray +Iin.pov +MB +A -D +V +W4000 +H3000 +TH +Oout.png
Output: https://ibb.co/bscqT65

Using both methods did not improve any further. +TH has no visible effect on
16-bit output.

Do I miss something?

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