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  How can we speed up the saving process?  
From: Kima
Date: 10 Jul 2020 00:20:01
Message: <web.5f07ec455a3258a7ecc0fada0@news.povray.org>
I create a series of simple 4K scenes with 16/32 cores/threads. Each takes 10s
from which the parsing process is <1s, and the rendering process is 9s.

In the rendering time, my CPU threads are used in the first 3s (technically, 1s
as it is a peak). This is exactly the period in which the temporary file
"pov-state" exists.

It takes about 5s to save output.png when almost no CPU resource is used.
Obviously, I hope to reduce this period.

Since the file is small 5-7MB, disk speed cannot be the bottleneck, but I
checked the saving with an SSD and no difference.

I use v3.8 on Ubuntu, and my command is

povray +Iinput.pov -GA +Q11 +MB +UL +UV +A -D -V +TH +W3840 +H2160 +UA

Alternatively, do you have any idea for parallelising multiple processes? In the
above scenario, I have enough resources to run 3-5 POV-Ray commands at the same
time, but the peaks may overlap.

Memory is not an issue at all, as I have abundant, and as you can tell the scene
is not memory-intensive.

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