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  An string macro that returns the input inverted.  
From: B  Gimeno
Date: 17 Jun 2020 13:20:00
Message: <web.5eea4d13c8dfe7dba723b8610@news.povray.org>
/* --------------------------------------------------------------------------
When a S1 string is entered, it returns a S2 string reordered from the end to
the beginning."

Usage: [limit: up to a 256 character long string]
Inv_String("gninnigeb eht ot dne eht morf deredroer gnirts 2S a snruter ti,
deretne si gnirts 1S a nehW")

Disclaimer: Use this code only under your own discernment. The author declines
all responsibility in the event that tentacular entities of a remote underworld
possess the user for trying to decipher "modern" music lyrics by reading it
backwards (or forward).

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
#macro Inv_String (S)
 #local C = strlen (S) ;
 #local I_S = concat ( #for(C,C,0) substr(S,C,1); #end )
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

B Gimeno
Departamento de Cosas Raras

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