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  Strange cuts on rendered objects  
From: Francescodario Cuzzocrea
Date: 3 Feb 2020 10:35:01
Message: <web.5e38381eb3cfd5d4c30604810@news.povray.org>
Hello !!

I'm a Master student in Space Engineering in Politecnico di Milano.

I'm using POVRay for my master thesis project and I was really impressed by
POVRay rendering capabilities.

Specifically, I'm using POVRay to generate images of a spacecraft in random
position into a generic orbit, which subsequently I'll analyze with different
computer vision algorithms to try to recognize the spacecraft into the scene.

The spacecraft has first been modeled with Autodesk Inventor, then it has been
imported into Blender to exploit the POVRay addon for Blender capability to
generate directly generate POV code.

The POV blender code was then manipulated in order to obtain a .inc file
containing the "spececraft" object, which is assembled by the "merge"
of the different spacecraft mesh2 components.
I did the merge in order to be able to simply call the "spacecraft" object in my
file and place it into the scene, with the ability to rotate and translate it by
simply manipulating the object's attitude\position matrix (which is randomly
generated) :
https://gitlab.com/bosconovic/spacacecraft-pov/blob/master/tango_102.pov#L24 .

The issue is that, sometimes, for certain combination of spacecraft\camera
relative position the spacecraft it is not entirely rendered, and I cannot
understand why.

Here two pictures of the problem :
 - https://gitlab.com/bosconovic/spacacecraft-pov/blob/master/tango_102.png
 - https://gitlab.com/bosconovic/spacacecraft-pov/blob/master/tango_30.png

In the first one almost half of the spacecraft is cutted, in the second on the
left a piece of the solar panel is cutted.

Can anyone help me out to understand what I'm doing wrong ?
Here is the POV source I'm using along with the Blender model :

This is the command I use to generate the images : povray tango_102.pov +H1200

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