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  Re: wiki.povray.org  
From: zeroin23
Date: 28 Nov 2007 04:50:00
Message: <web.474d38fd4653fbe45950c6e10@news.povray.org>
Jim Henderson <nos### [at] nospamcom> wrote:
> On Tue, 27 Nov 2007 03:31:07 -0500, zeroin23 wrote:
> > is there an anonymous account that I can use? I really hate registering
> > accounts to edit wiki. And it is a real pain to remember so many
> > different password and login.
> Nope, we explicitly set things up to require authentication so as to
> limit spamming.
> I use Firefox, and it has the ability to save password/login info.  I'd
> go that route (and in fact have).
> Jim

you know right, by login, my opportunity cost have just increased thus resulting
in me contributing less right? And if anyone were to spam here, we could always
revert back right to pre-spam? is it really justified? if a spammer wants to,
he can always automate and create dummy accounts to spam.

I use opera and fox for password, but then sometimes I just remembered something
and only have access to public terminals.

wiki allows anonymous edit but if some minor restrictions...

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