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  Re: Zazzle site is open  
From: Renderdog
Date: 9 Mar 2003 18:35:08
Message: <web.3e6bcf47c070d06c1d4add5a0@news.povray.org>
Gilles Tran wrote:
>Slightly off-topic but since lots of Povers have images there (approx 250) I
>guess that it's of general interest.
>The zazzle site http://www.zazzle.com is now out of beta phase after several
>years of beta activities.

>- the misleading "best-seller" list (which was actually a "most-viewed"
>list) is gone, replaced by the ability to sort images according to user
>ranking (of little use until enough people rank images of course).

I noticed zazzle was new yesterday and the first thing I did was rate "The
wet bird" a 10. I intend to order a large print but I wonder about the
resolution of Zazzle prints. 100dpi is a little low.

Also, I notice the wet bird image is shown with a white border (and some
text). Is this area counted in the image print size? I'm not big on text so
I'd probably order a print on canvas and crop out the white border with a

Has anyone bought a print on matte canvas? I prefer matte since glossy
surfaces cause too much reflection. While some images lend themselves to a
glossy look, and glossy prints generally have a higher dynamic range, you
can really see the image clearly with a matte finish.

And to keep all this on topic, I plan to purchase it through the
www.povray.org link to help support POV-Ray's server!


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