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  Re: Insignia in POV-ray  
From: Roland Mas
Date: 25 Apr 1998 06:09:59
Message: <m3g1j2p5zc.fsf@clodomir.rezel.enst.fr>
Chris Jeppesen <chr### [at] digiquillcom> writes:

> What I was thinking is a "texture intersection." Imagine a cylinder and
> a box overlapping in space. Only show the cylinder, but color it white
> on points outside the box, and red inside.

Yeah. One can just have two parts of the cylinder. See? Give the intersection
of the cylinder and the box a red texture, and give a white one to the other
object, which would be the difference between the cylinder and the box.


bob### [at] casimirrezelenstfr -- Linux, POV-Ray, LaTeX

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