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  Re: The Sounds of POV-Ray  
From: ingo
Date: 1 Apr 2021 11:52:34
Message: <XnsACFFB5D42DEA3seed7@news.povray.org>
in news:6065e4e4$1@news.povray.org William F Pokorny wrote:

> Has anyone has figured out how to add sound synchronization 'hooks'
> into rendered frames or file associated frames during particular
> frame renders by Pov-Ray?

There are several way I'm exploring. Nothing is stable yet. But what one 
can do is assign a kind of timeline to each sonding object. The animation 
clock is perfect for that. Maybe add an extreme clock divider to get a 
better granularity within the 1/30 second of a frame. 
Then use that for writing events to a file. These can be midi notes, or 
midi evelopes, or OSC data, or just values in a range to be interpreted 
For a bouncing ball you could start an event at the moment of contact. 
Then create an envelope depending on how much a ball is squished before it 
bounces back. Use such data to modulate a sound source.

The fun thing is that POV-Ray has all these nice functions that 
synthesisers have not. Things that are available hare have to written in 
SuperCollider or Csound. Also I think many of the DSP stuff can be done in 
POV-Ray, but it is slow.

Next up, wave teraain synthesis. I think tomorrow.


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