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  Re: Shell-outs  
From: ingo
Date: 29 Mar 2021 13:21:27
Message: <XnsACFCC4EAB6921seed7@news.povray.org>
in news:6061ffb6$1@news.povray.org William F Pokorny wrote:

> Unsure if this any help to you 
> on windows.

Not at all, but that's fine :) 
I write a file from the scene but render nothing. Then I want to convert 
the file. I just stuck the commandline behind the Post_Scene_Command=..
Nothing happens, no error, no result.

First I thought is because I use the No Image INI-option, as that results 
in a Render failed message. Redering an image changes nothing.

Starting other programms is not disabled.


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