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  Re: POV-Tree 1.4  
From: Alessandro Falappa
Date: 10 Feb 2004 03:18:14
Message: <Xns948B5F1E07440alexfalappa@>
Gena <gen### [at] yahoocom> wrote in news:40286dab$1@news.povray.org:

> If anybody is interested in translating POV-Tree
> to any other language besides English please let me know.
> Gena.

Hi Gena,
    	I'm willing to make an italian translation.
I'm downloading the source right now, since I'm a Java developer too I 
think I can find out the string resources to translate.

By the way the source archive is labeled "src1.1.zip" is it the current 
version or an old one?

Where do I send back the translated resources?


Alessandro Falappa

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