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  Re: Long time no see..  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 27 Feb 2024 10:28:26
Message: <65ddff9a$1@news.povray.org>
On 2/27/24 03:57, Bruno Cabasson wrote:
> Hi there!
> It's quite a long time. Need a serious refresh. What about new developments?
> Hanging around, and among many others, I read about the 'yuqk' fork... Can
> someone give precisions?
> Bruno

Hello. Good to hear from you.

The yuqk fork (formerly povr) is my playpen for moving the code base in 
what, I think, is a v4.0 direction. Mostly, it's me hacking with 
contributions from a few others.

It's a unix / linux only fork. Windows users need to use the 'linux 
subsystem for windows' to run it.

It's diverging from POV-Ray in particulars over time though the core 
remains rooted to POV-Ray. If using vim (or gvim) as an editor, there is 
yuqk syntax support for .pov and .ini files.

The releases to date have been via tarballs posted to:

         (today it looks like http: prefix needed ?)

The last couple of releases have included a rough start on documentation 
and examples tarballs. Suppose that documentation as good a place as any 
to get a feel for some of the differences. More can be found as posts to 
the forums:

       (see note above. http: ?)

I'm working now toward another release. Restoring some user povray.conf 
and povray.ini support - where jr led me back to the light :-). Adding 
documentation for ini settings and command line flags - where I had 
little before. And, some other stuff.

If your aim is complicated scenes or animations, I don't recommend the 
yuqk fork - it's still evolving. For playing around with smaller stuff / 
ideas it's fine - on unix / linux.

Bill P.

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