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  Re: Did I miss anything? (parent/child texture in CSG)  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 12 Feb 2024 20:14:14
Message: <65cac266$1@news.povray.org>
On 2/8/24 04:01, Ilya Razmanov wrote:
> Any ideas regarding what may be the right place to get something to read?

Glad Bill W got you started with answers.

I'd add that a look at the documentation for isosurface and parametric 
surfaces - which are based on functions - might help. There are user 
defined pigments, densities, cameras possible too with examples. You can 
search the shipped example scenes for 'function'. Of course patterns and 
their modifiers are more or less functions of a sort too.

Ah, and you can look at the functions.inc include itself for 
descriptions of the inbuilt functions and their parameters in official 
releases of POV-Ray. I think a rough copy of the documentation therein 
is include somewhere in the official web documentation too. The warning 
I'd give is not all of the function.inc function and parameter 
description are accurate - it something seems really confusing, it might 
be a documentation mismatch. It is what is.

As for a really good, all in one tutorial, Mike Williams published what 
I think was the best one for functions and isosurfaces / parametrics. It 
was one from which I learned a lot, but the web site is no longer 
active. The wayback machine has a copy and, IIRC, Bill W (or someone) 
put a copy of a lot of it somewhere accessible?

I'm attaching scene and image output file. The scene started with Mike's 
cylcoords.pov from that tutorial - which I modified somewhat as the 
attached version given you were working some with textured torus 
objects. Once the base shape is in place, it's possible to get many 
different looks by changing parameters to the component functions. I 
often find it fun to just push parameters around and render repeatedly 
just looking at what appears in the final render.

Aside: My yuqk fork differs substantially with respect to built in 
functions and the interplay between patterns and functions - and I'm 
still hacking on the inbuilt code quite a bit. I don't have ready 
documentation which relates well to official POV-Ray releases. Yuqk's 
documentation for concepts sometimes OK, but particulars will often be 

Bill P.

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