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  Cross-stitch and print on canvas (RFC, sort of)  
From: Ilya Razmanov
Date: 9 Feb 2024 08:40:26
Message: <65c62b4a@news.povray.org>
Greetings hunams,

I'm sort of in hopes of some feedback. As some may have noticed, I keep 
exploring idea of turning 2D image pixels into POVRay 3D objects and 
seeing what happens, and keep trying to use Python for that.

Attached are two small programs and one combined preview. One program 
turns image into something like print on canvas, while other turns image 
int cross-stitch.

The main problem is I'm not satisfied with normal. I did simulation os 
textile long ago and have some algorithmic normals witten in mini-C, 
but, unfortunately, I don't see the way to reproduce in with POVRay. SO 
far, I used spiral, but it's far from ideal.

Also I'm not quite satisfied with finish, but that's mostly problem of 
my not so perfect vision.

I have a high hope that someone take a look at it, dare to start it 
(hopefully Python is installed already) and probably give some feedback.

Note that these programs are not released yet, only sent here since I 
hope for feedback allowing me to improve it.

Ilyich the Toad
https://github.com/Dnyarri/  -  image to POV utils

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