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  Re: Converting image pixels into POV-Ray *anything* mosaic  
From: Ilya Razmanov
Date: 28 Jan 2024 16:45:05
Message: <65b6cae1$1@news.povray.org>
On 28.01.2024 21:14, Paolo Gibellini wrote:
> This is a good shot, Ilya!
> Now, you can use each kind of shape, like in the old GIMP filter.

If you take a look at these programs output, you'll see "thingie" 
declared. That's the basic object, mosaic element. Later it gets color 
and finish added, is scaled, rotated and moved where necessary, but the 
same object is used for all mosaic. Therefore, you may replace it with 
another object once, and it will be replaced throughout the whole scene 
(just take care about it's size. For spheres and boxes it's 1*1*1, for 
others described in the file), using the same symmetry as original. 
About the only thing I don't recommend - using too complex objects. 
Surely, you can edit POV file produced by my program to add .inc with 
very complex object, and it will work (I've tried with spline 
figurines), but very slowly.

Ilyich the Toad

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