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  Re: Height field to mesh - more resolution  
From: Ilya Razmanov
Date: 30 Nov 2023 21:21:56
Message: <65694344$1@news.povray.org>
On 30.11.2023 16:59, jr wrote:

> for data "extrapolated" from a 64x64 image, that last image looks real good I
> think.  wondering if the calculation could not be done in SDL ?

For this to be done within POVRay only, I need:
1) POVRay opening image as some sort of array with easy access to any 
pixel data I want
2) Not only math but some programming (I need cycles first of all)

What as to 1), surely, POVRay have something to read images - after all, 
it uses images as heightfield, that requires image reading and 
representation as some data structure internally. But I see no way for 
*me* to access these data directly. Well, after all, POVRay is neither a 
bitmap editor, nor a programming environment (or, as our CC said, 
"neither both"). So, I use external tool, taking advantage of that POV 
language is simple text, easy to understand and write. I used Python 
since I got my Windows notebook with Python 3.8 preinstalled, and I was 
curious enough to take a look at what is this and what it is good for. 
As long as I know, it also comes preinstalled with Linux, and, in 
general, looks to be more widely available than POVRay itself, that 
makes my tiny programs cross-platform. And, since POV files are so easy 
to write, why not to use this advantage of POVRay? ;-)


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