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  Re: uv mapping triangles in mesh {}  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 24 Mar 2023 08:25:32
Message: <641d96bc$1@news.povray.org>
Op 24-3-2023 om 11:35 schreef Bald Eagle:
> Josh English <Jos### [at] joshuarenglishcom> wrote:
>> I added the uv_mapping keyword to the Test texture and got the following
>> result.
>> IS this what you're looking for?
> It IS!

> Thanks, Josh.   That would have driven me crazy.
> I'm not sure I would have ever found that, unless I resorted to blind "try
> everything" mode.  I normally associate uv_mapping with some sort of object
> instantiation, as in "use uv_mapping to apply whatever texture, instead of the
> normal mode".  Instead, it looks like I'm having to use uv_mapping as the first
> argument in the texture definition itself, before the pigment {} statement.
> I honestly can't say that I've ever seen this before, or actually noticed this
> for what it was.   Great catch.
Great! This is all new to me I confess.  Learned something and am going 
to note this down in my  POV grimoire for later reference.

> Kenneth and Thomas - the object pattern does not use the intersection of 2
> objects.  It partitions space between inside and outside of an object.  So I can
> make a texture appear in the shape of an object, or everywhere _but_ where the
> object is, or texture the object's 3D space in one way, and the space around it
> in another.   Or layer that concept, as TdG and I have done in past scenes.
And that is where I thought that the object's position was fixed...

> And you definitely are catching on to where I'm going with that.  ;)
Eagerly awaiting further developments...

> (Note, the clipping of the torus is due to it being placed for proper
> positioning in the 1st and 3rd triangles, so it gets clipped in the middle one.)


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