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  Re: Need help with texture_map  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 21 Mar 2023 08:38:05
Message: <6419a52d$1@news.povray.org>
Op 21-3-2023 om 03:42 schreef Josh English:
> I solved this problem a couple of years ago with my "Portland Burns" 
> image. The hard drive with all my code died and I can't seem to recreate 
> it.
> The idea is to create a texture map that allows for a transition between 
> two other textures with a transition zone in-between. A quick sketch:
> box {
>    <0, 0, 0>, <1, 1, 0>
>    texture {
>        planar
>        texture_map {
>          [clock-0.01 Final_Texture ]
>          [clock-0.01 Transition_Texture ]
>          [clock Transition_Texture ]
>          [clock Clear_Texture ]
> }}}
> But if I scale this texture or add turbulence on the outer texture, the 
> inner textures are also scaled or transformed.
> I swear I had pulled this off before but I can't suss it this time.
> Any suggestions?
> Josh English

Interesting question.

What about warp{} ? I didn't test this but what if you do a first 
transformation within a warp statement /before/ the texture_map {} and a 
second warp statement /after/ the texture_map{}, reversing somehow your 
earlier warp transformation. Somehow, it seems not to make any sense at 
all but who knows...

Something else I was thinking was to make those reverse transformations 
(within a warp or not by the way) to the inside textures individually, 
and then apply the correct transformations to the outside texture? No 
idea if that would do what you want...


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