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  Re: new versions of POV  
From: Dick Balaska
Date: 9 Nov 2022 13:01:36
Message: <636beb00$1@news.povray.org>
On 9/9/2022 06:10, Mr wrote:
> "Hexhall" <n/a> wrote:
>> Just wondering, it seems that development of version 3.8 and 4.0 has stalled.
>> Are they still being worked on?  (Even if not, I have great fun with 3.7)
>> hexhall
> It seems the team needs more contributors of all fields to wrap up everything...
> Documentation included. But of course so much love goes into this software that
> it will no doubt eventually happen, if you don't either have the time to
> contribute or to learn to do so, arm yourself with patience, but in any case, do
> not depair... ever :-)

I am frustrated that 3.8 was never released. We got close several times 
but clipka kept pulling it back, and he's the only one afaik with write 
access to the repo. (Prolly ccason too, but he's retired.) I don't know 
what clipka was afraid of, in that respect. Then he left, as is his 
wont, and I'm not upset at that, but again, a 3.8 release would have 
been nice. Instead he left us with a "this latest tag has a crap ton of 
notable features over 3.7".  This tag is what I have qtpovray based off 
of. Important to me here is that clipka wrote a new parser which I 
leverage for the SDL debugger that I wrote into qtpovray.

Then clipka got a little adrenaline push and came back for a month or 
so. I don't know why, but he decided to rip out the new parser (among 
other things) and at that point I lost interest in qtpovray until 3.8 is 
released. But alas, clipka went away again (last commit on Aug 8, 2021). 
I'm not sure if we are better or worse than we were before that bit.

qtpovray is primarily for Linux, it is a poor-man's Pov-Ray for Windows 
(except for the cool debugger, and has some color and colormap tools 
that I lifted from povclipse).  I wanted povray 3.8 released so we could 
get that in the Debian repos, and then I could get qtpovray 3.8 in the 
Debian repos. And then it would show up in the cool "Software available" 
menus that all the Debian derivative boxes have.


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