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2 Jun 2023 07:38:30 EDT (-0400)
  Re: Newsreader  
From: Alain Martel
Date: 22 Jul 2022 12:07:04
Message: <62dacb28$1@news.povray.org>
Le 2022-07-21 à 12:02, m@b a écrit :
> I just received 3000+ messages in p.b.images, anybody know what is going 
> on?
> (Thunderbird 91.11.0 (32-bit) on windows 10)
> m@

Maybe Thunderbird forgot that you have already red those in the last years.
It can just randomly happen.
Just select one near the end. Drag the scroll bar to the top. 
Shift-click the oldest message. Right-click and chose «Mark as read»
It can take a few second to complete.

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