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  Re: Minimum Distance Function  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 12 Jul 2022 06:10:16
Message: <62cd4888$1@news.povray.org>
On 7/11/22 17:25, jceddy wrote:
>> What if instead of re-transforming the mesh data, you transform the reference
>> point to measure the length?
>> Then it's only ever one transform in either direction.
> That is exactly what I tried, if I am understanding you.
> I want to find the distance from point P to mesh M (which contains
> vertex/triangle data as well as a transformation).
> So I tried basically this:
> P_inv = InverseTransformPoint(P, M->Trans)
> N = NearestPoint(P_inv, M->Data)
> V = N - P_inv  // get the vector from P_inv to N
> V_trans = TransformDirection(V, M->Trans)
> If(Inside(P, M))
>    distance = -Length(V_trans)
> Else
>    distance = Length(V_trans)

FYI. A chance the following inside_vector issue in play.

"Leaving mesh inside_vector untouched on transforms."

IIRC this closed / not merged pull was last Christoph's version over my 
original suggested fix on the developer mailing list. For reasons 
unknown to me it never got merged into the official code base. I got 
tired of re-basing branches on code updates and eventually closed it.

There is too - and also still - the issue that our documentation 
suggests an axis aligned inside vector. This an unfortunate suggestion 
given things like buildings are often axis aligned and any time the 
inside vector is very close to perpendicular to a face's normal, the 
mesh inside test becomes noisy.

Bill P.

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