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  Re: PigeonTalk  
From: Chris Cason
Date: 4 Feb 2022 01:11:42
Message: <61fcc39e$1@news.povray.org>
I wish David the best and hope the kickstarter meets its goal (and have 
backed the campaign myself as I'm keen to see where this goes).

For those who aren't aware, it was David's contribution of the DKBTrace 
source code that formed the basis of the first version of POV-Ray, so 
without him POV-Ray as we know it would simply not exist.

I'll also add that in my opinion the fact he was able to create a 
functional SDL-based raytracer that ran on 80's-era microcomputers 
speaks well of his ability as a software engineer; this gives me 
confidence that if funded the IDE will do all that it sets out to do.

-- Chris

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