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  Re: Persistent variables across an animation run  
From: Alessio Sangalli
Date: 15 Dec 2021 12:12:09
Message: <61ba21e9$1@news.povray.org>
On 14-Dec-21 23:41, jr wrote:

>> Is there any workaround that I am not aware of for the above?
> upgrading?  :-)  v3.8 will get you dictionaries, though no "animation scope"
> variables.

Oh, interesting, now the stupid follow-up question, where can I read the 
new stuff planned for the next version, 3.8 in this case?

>> Even the possibility to read files line by line would be useful.
> have a look at 'Filed()', another recent macro of mine.  you can read a range of
> "records", or all. a range can be a single record, and you could use
> 'frame_number' to "index".  serialising a dictionary using 'Filed()' would be
> straightforward too.

Interesting, I had a look at the code; questions:

1) what license is your macro package released as? Just to confirm, as I 
have not seen anything, that is public domain (but yet, you put a 
copyright notice on the HTML page, so I wanted to check)

2) I haven't used 3.8's dictionaries of course, but are you saying that 
there is no SDL native support for #fwrite/#fread for dictionary types?


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