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  Persistent variables across an animation run  
From: Alessio Sangalli
Date: 15 Dec 2021 01:07:16
Message: <61b98614$1@news.povray.org>
I know this has been discussed many times in the past decades, but - 
besides having a bunch of macros that do #fopen's and #fwrite-#fread's, 
is there any plan to add "animation scope" to variables? It would make 
animations easier, especially when using non-linear accelerations, which 
is commonly the case when using easing functions.

Also, vectors or - even better - dictionaries would be a great addition 
to the language, especially if they could be written to disk (or kept in 
animation scope).

Is there any workaround that I am not aware of for the above?

Even the possibility to read files line by line would be useful.

Maybe all of the above is already implemented in a way that is not clear 
to me, if that is the case, please let me know.


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