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  Re: Grumpy Old Man!  
From: Alain Martel
Date: 23 Nov 2021 11:46:46
Message: <619d1af6$1@news.povray.org>
Le 2021-11-21 à 13:34, Leroy a écrit :
> Here's my rant:
> (Trigger)
> The triangular pattern is a block pattern that generates a repeating pattern of
> triangles in the x-z plane.
> (WHAT?)
>   The 'x-z plane' and the 'y-z plane' and others in the documents has finally got
> to me.
> I had to say something. For years I just let pass by, I knew what it meant.
> I know someone else must have said something earlier.(I couldn't find it!)
> So to blow off some steam, Here I am!
> The basic planes in are POV 3D world is x and y and z only.
> Strictly speaking the x-z plane is a set of points that x-z=0 make a funky
> plane.
> Just use in the plane object. See what you get!
> I know it's just the old docs but it's annoying. And I guess the older I get the
> more annoying it is.
> OK, I feel better, time to go back rendering.
> Have Fun!

When the X-Z plane is mentioned, that mean the plane that contain the X 
and Z axis. The normal of that plane is parallel to the Y axis.

It is a common notation to refer to a plane using two intersecting 
lines. It's a convention that I learned in high school.
Also, from my high school days, I learned that +X is to the right, +Y is 
the up and +Z is forward and that positive rotation is counter clockwise.

So, for me, it's totally obvious.

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