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  Re: Archive was Server failure  
From: Chris Cason
Date: 9 Jun 2021 20:59:21
Message: <60c163e9$1@news.povray.org>
On 15/04/2021 16:30, ingo wrote:
> Over the years I've lost my newsgroup archive several times and currently
> don't maintain it. Could it be made available as a (always up to date)
> download in some way?

If I end up migrating to another news server I will need to collate all 
the messages I can find (including getting any missing ones from the 
webview DB).

If I do that I could provide the collated messages in some form of 
download. I may be able to keep that updated by appending to it new 
messages as the come in, provided there's enough interest in it.

One complication of a simple append scheme, though, is that 
(intentionally) deleted messages won't get removed, and I think that any 
archive of this sort should have deleted messages taken out of it.

It may be better to just dump the stored messages from the DB as they 
will always reflect only undeleted messages. I'll decide when I look at 
the migration.

BTW it's occurred to me that one useful outcome of having a downloadable 
archive of this sort is that we could auto-submit it to archive.org on a 
regular basis.

-- Chris

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