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  Re: Just saying hi  
From: Chris Cason
Date: 25 May 2021 20:39:48
Message: <60ad98d4$1@news.povray.org>
On 26/05/2021 06:35, Bald Eagle wrote:
> You should KNOW that you are always welcome here.

100% this. No bridges burned (or even slightly singed). Sometimes things 
happen. We understand.

I myself have just now taken a month off from my day job (first long 
break in like 15 years) because I was simply burned out and couldn't 
function well. The only recreation I enjoy (kayaking, also my only 
exercise) was closed off to me last year when we had COVID lockdown and 
not being able to do this for a long time led to other complications - 
meaning even now that it's allowed I haven't been able to get out again.

It seems nowadays many more people have a poorer work/life balance than 
say 25 years ago (I'm one of them) and for some this has both physical 
and mental repercussions.

Honestly I think having the same hobby as your day job isn't always a 
good thing; yes you can enjoy your job more as hey someone's paying you 
to do stuff you used to do for fun - but IMO there's got to be other 
things in the mix to keep your mind healthy otherwise it ceases being 

TL;DR sometimes one just needs to step back and say "that's enough, at 
least for now, I've got to do something else".

-- Chris

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